About Kalamazoo Academy of Medicine

Established 1878

“Physicians dedicated to promoting the science and art of medicine and of public health and the betterment of the medical profession.”

The Kalamazoo Academy of Medicine is the county medical society of Kalamazoo. Incorporated in 1883, it now has almost 400 members, of which over 200 are actively practicing physicians.

The Kalamazoo Academy of Medicine is a component of the Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS) and of the American Medical Association (AMA). Delegates from the KAM are elected each year to help determine the policies of the MSMS at its yearly House of Delegates Meeting, which is held each spring. AMA policy is likewise determined by an annual convention of delegates representing state, county and specialty medical societies.

Membership in the KAM, MSMS and AMA is open to all legally qualified Doctors of Medicine and Doctors of Osteopathy, medical students and physicians who reside in Kalamazoo County. Physicians need not be medical society members in order to practice. Licensure and discipline of Michigan’s physicians is the duty of a governmental agency — the State Board of Medicine — not of the medical societies.

The KAM supports several ongoing activities. Members of the KAM’s legislative committee meet regularly with local legislators quarterly to discuss health policy issues. The KAM holds monthly programs on topics of interest to physicians and currently offers CME credit

Member Benefits