The Michigan for Advancing Collaborative Care Teams (MiACCT) Outreach
Key Takeaway: MSMS has begun the outreach to other associations, physician organizations, and the county medical societies asking them to join the Michigan for Advancing Collaborative Care Teams (MiACCT), a coalition of health care providers united and committed to growing, strengthening, and preserving the health care teams.

As mentioned at the Board meeting, MSMS has developed the Michigan for Advancing Collaborative Care Teams (MiACCT). It is a coalition of health care providers united and committed to growing, strengthening, and preserving the health care teams. MSMS is using the American Medical Association (AMA) Scope of Practice Partnership (SOPP) grant funds. The grant funding will allow MSMS to develop a strategic and proactive response designed to:
Defeat current scope expansion efforts.
Dissuade future efforts.
Delineate physician-led health care teams as an essential standard of care for all patients.

Activities such as direct legislative and executive lobbying, coordinated lobby days, and a monthly e-newsletter for legislators and their staff will be key components of the initiative. Public-facing resources and communications, including earned media, will be deployed to generate legislative and public support for physician-led health care teams. Coalition-building and advocacy training focused on the value of physician-led health care teams and importance of medical school education in delivering quality, cost-effective care will be critical. Finally, MSMS staff will create a database, matching legislators with key physician champions.

We have begun the outreach to organizations including:
American College of Surgeons
Michigan Chapter Great Lakes Physician Organization
Huron Valley Physicians Association
Michigan Allergy and Asthma Society Michigan
Association of Medical Examiners Michigan Chapter
American Academy of Pediatrics
Michigan College of Emergency Physicians
Michigan Neurological Association
Michigan Dermatological Society
Michigan Orthopedic Society
Michigan Psychiatric Society
Michigan Rheumatism Society
Michigan Society of Addiction Medicine
Michigan Society of Anesthesiologists
Michigan Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons
Michigan State Medical Society Michigan Thoracic Society
Novello Physicians Organization
Physician Associates of Midland
The Physician Alliance
Bay County Medical Society
Berrien County Medical Society
Genesee County Medical Society
Jackson County Medical Society
Kalamazoo Academy of Medicine
Kent County Medical Society
Macomb County Medical Society
Northern Michigan Medical Society
Oakland County Medical Society
Ottawa County Medical Society
Saginaw County Medical Society
Washtenaw County Medical Society

To date, the Ingham County Medical Society, the Jackson County Medical Society, the Michigan Dermatological Society, and the Oakland County Medical Society have joined.